5 Clever Uses For Your Tractor Pallet Fork Attachment

You would be surprised at what you can get accomplished with skid loader forks. With a standard size like 42″ you can get just about any job accomplished.


In this article, I am going to share with you several clever uses to maximize the potential of your clamp on skid steer forks.

Titan tractor forks are designed to handle any project you can throw at it

#1 Removing Fallen Or Felled Trees

If there is an obstructive tree or you felled a dead tree for firewood, then a pair of skid forks are perfect for the job.

#2 Demolishing

If there is an old structure on your property that’s about to collapse, use your loader forks to pull it apart. Then use the forks to haul away the material.

#3 Hoisting Building Materialjohn-deere-pallet-forks

Pallet forks are perfect for accessing high areas like a roof. Whether you are reroofing your old barn or framing up a new one, a couple of Titan tractor forks will help you get the job done.


#4 Clearing Brush

Whether it’s a tree stump, large shrub or log having pallet forks for your tractor will handle the job for you.

#5 Moving a pallet of firewood

If you are chopping up a tree, have a large pallet close by to place firewood logs on and then use your tractor forks to move the pallet. 

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Thanks for reading. If you’re interested in how to prolong the life of your tractor pallet forks, check out this article.

-Paul the pallet fork pro